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Blog >> 10 Directive Mandates to improve your house and increase its value (Part - I)
10 Directive Mandates to improve your house and increase its value (Part - I) 10 Directive Mandates to improve your house and increase its value (Part - I)

1. Clean Your World
Clean Your World

What was the first thing you noticed when you were buying your current house? How clean the house looks from inside-out! Cleanliness certainly affects the view of any building from inside and outside in several ways. The square footage looks spacious, easy to managed and eternally beautiful. But the problem is that, a house can never be too clean if people are living in it. However, there are numerous ways to keep your house clean, airy and enlivened.

When doing daily clean and touch-ups, focus more on the articles which are easily seen from the entrance of the zone to be cleaned. Whether it’s a statue of a monk in saffron robes standing in front of your main entrance or your daughter’s photo stand kept on the side table in your bedroom. Things where your eyes spot first are the things which required regular clean. Besides, the grandfather’s armchair kept in the balcony on which nobody sits now or numerous other things like paintings on the back walls, inside of the Chester drawers etc. required cleaning on regular intervals. For this, many domestic cleaning agencies are available in every country that can provide extensive house cleaning services at nominal prices.

Cleanliness helps in making the house looks bigger, simplified and fragrant. Bigger, beautiful and scented ambience certainly adds more wealth to its previous valuation.

2. The Decor


The Decor

Colours lead to disparities and can also lead to prosperity. We just need to perceive, where should we have to bother about them? On Humans or on walls! Painting your house timely with the colours in trend is the first thing to start with, when talking about the house decor. Neutral colours are the preferred choice for most of the decorators as Analogous and Complimentary colours are kind in adding liveliness to the room if used over the previous. However, using colours totally depends on the choices and no colour can look bad if used in the right combination.

Once the paint work is done, curtains, furniture, electronics and lightings in the house completes the decor. Kind and colours of these units depend on the demography, structure and location of the area to be clean. This is because; decor can only be planned after inspecting the light source, dimensions and usage of the room.

Consulting an interior decorator seems best to get the recommendations if you can spend some money. Conversely, you can read blogs of these craftsmen to get free advices, if you are not willing to spend on interior decoration consultation. However, the cost on interior decoration is normally recompensed when the value of the property increases because of its decor.

3. Carpets & Rugs


Carpets & Rugs

Less people think about this but Carpets and Rugs play important roles in the beauty of the house and health of the members. Studies have proved that Carpets and Rugs work as a passive air filters. They absorb and store suspended dust particles to provide clean breathing air in the room. Doctors have analysed that people who use lot of carpets and rugs in their houses are not prone to problems like Asthma and Air Allergies. Apart from that carpets and rugs also work as a thermal resistance and provide warmth and cosiness, specially, in winters.

Readers will be amazed to know that carpets and rugs also help in reducing noise level and consequently noise pollution. They act like sound absorbers just like any recording studio carpet its floor, roof and walls to reduce the noise level during recording. Carpets in rooms reduce noises coming from electronics, and when used on the stairs; they are helpful in reducing footstep clangs.

Finally, not least, carpets and rugs also provide cushioning to your feet which is an ultimate cure for many muscular and anxiety disorders as per many doctors and researchers. Walking on carpets and rugs relaxes toes and soles.

Now days, wall to wall carpeting is the latest trend adopted by many house owners to add beauty and value to the house and to deliver the benefits carpets and rugs provide to the clan. But beware, timely deep carpet cleaning is mandatory otherwise, carpets and rugs can become the playing ground for many serious diseases.

4. Add Deck


Add Deck

Adding deck to the lawn or backyard recoup up to 90% of the deck building cost by the amount deck will increase to the valuation of the house. Moreover, deck ameliorates the status of the house by adding more space and convenience for the inhabitants. It can be used as a place for hosting ceremonies or just as a place to relax and enjoy winter afternoon. Deck is used for multiple reasons pertaining to living, partying, relaxing and meditating. Because of its multiple uses, building deck in the house has become a preferred choice for many home owners. In fact, a deck is very easy and inexpensive to build but provide great returns when you plan to sell the property.

Professionally built pressured-treated wood deck starts from $15 per square foot, including materials and goes up to $35/sq. ft. depending on the quality of hardwoods and composite materials used. Decks can made up of different woods and composite materials as per the requirement and the budget of the builder. Further, maintenance is equally important. Decks required refinishing annually to hold its original cluster. Alongside, it needs to be washed, stripped, sanded and sealed during the maintenance process.

Deck maintenance is a back-breaking process and experts’ help is advisable. As an alternative, many people are fond of synthetic decking which only needs washing occasionally and have a life expectancy of 25 years. So, if planning to raise the current price of your property, then raise a deck.

5. Remodelling The Kitchen


Remodelling the Kitchen

Kitchen is considered as a heart of the house. Importantly, it should look clean, tidy and spacious. It should have sufficient natural, ambient and task lightings, and quality of air ventilation system. Finally, it should incorporate well functional and sleek appliances for an enjoyable cooking experience. If your kitchen is lacking in any of these, then you definitely require remodelling of your kitchen to earn more profit during reselling.

You can either plan remodelling of the kitchen on your own or you can take experts assistance. Many companies provide refurbishment and remodelling services from minute fixes to major facelifts. Things like rusted faucet set, broken cabinet door handles, flickering lightings bestrew with dust, filthy appliances, torn wallpapers, peeling paint, nasty fixtures and cracked finishing need to be fixed or changed to affix charm to the kitchen.

It is said that a house with a supreme kitchen sells at a higher price. Moreover, kitchen is a place where family cook, eat and spend some leisure time everyday to neglect life distress and it should be like a holiday spot of a house.

..............continued in Part - II.

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