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Blog >> 10 Directive Mandates to improve your house and increase its value (Part - II)
10 Directive Mandates to improve your house and increase its value (Part - II) 10 Directive Mandates to improve your house and increase its value (Part - II)

Last month we have discussed 5 out of 10 mandates to improve your house and increase its value. Let’s read the next 5 mandates for a house makeover which can fetch you great returns by increasing your house value.

6. Bathroom

Bathroom Improvement

In order to make you ready for your usual hunt, your bathroom suffers a lot of wear and tear which is difficult to be detected daily. You need to keep it functioning well by fixing and upgrading it regularly. Just need to keep things simple and unique. Start with changing the faucet set and lightings of the bathroom. Nowadays, the unadorned bathroom is not a trend and people like to feel relaxed while using it like they do in Spa. A wide range of bathroom accessories is available in every budget. These can be used to make your bathroom more delightful. Installation of things like a bathtub, toilet seat, pedestal sink or countertop can change the complete look of your bathroom. Use granite for the countertop as it goes attractive with any kind of lightings and keeps the ambience warm.

If your bathroom floor has been discoloured then either you can avail tile or grout cleaning services offered by many domestic cleaning professionals or simply change the current floor with Vinyl tiles which don't even require plucking the old floor. Vinyl sheets can easily be placed on top of your old bathroom flooring to provide a pretty look to the ground below your feet. Finally, once the remodelling of the bathroom is done, it is important to maintain it by regularly cleaning the dirt and grime which gets embedded on the surface easily.

You can also take help from professional house cleaning services available everywhere who can deep clean your bathroom at very nominal prices. Studies have shown that a better bathroom can increase up to 5% of total property cost.

7. Lawn and Landscaping

Lawn and Landscape Improvement

After cleaning the interiors, the next step is to improve the overall health of lawn and landscaping. Neat and clean landscapes not only add value to the property but also adorn your property; it makes your property beautiful. Clean up leaves and garbage, cut the grasses, clean the pools, cabinets and faucets. Water your lawn lightly but more frequently, early morning is the best time for watering. The next step is fertilising, it is advisable to fertilise your lawns once or twice a year to maintain the nutrients in the soil. After cleaning lawns you should not forget weeding and pest control. Use chemicals and pesticides to control the pest.

8. Regular Repairs -

Regular Repairs

As regular maintenance and fueling keep your vehicle healthy and happy, in the same way regular maintenance of home not only keeps it graceful but also keeps you away from future headaches and wasted money. It is terrifying to think about regular repairs, especially when you are a new homeowner. However, it is long regular repair checklist but the good thing is that you can do it yourself. Here we have prepared a complete checklist that needs to be done monthly, quarterly ( seasonal), biannually.

Monthly -

Make your schedule and prepare a complete monthly maintenance checklist and estimate it in term of time and money. If the filter is dirty then clean it or change it out. Clean the faucet, repair or replace plumbing fixtures, clean kitchen sink disposal and adjust the cabinet doors etc.

Quarterly(seasonal) -

Before seasonal maintenance, inspect interior and exterior of the home and again estimate it both time and money but the good thing is that you can do the maximum task without professional help. If you are unable to do it yourself then it is advisable to hire a professional cleaning agency. Following is the seasonal maintenance checklist.

  • Repair exterior wooden damages like replacing rotten railings, rotten doors and windows.
  • Repair interior damages like electrical outlets, change a light bulb, paint walls and ceilings etc.
  • Change air conditioner filter.
  • Replace the batteries in smoke detectors.
  • Clean the house thoroughly and vacuum the refrigerator coil.

9. Cut energy cost

Home Energy Audit

People often pretend to forget costly heating winter bills but in real it never goes out of mind. In fact thought of opening electric bills in the summer makes you sweat even more than the heat itself. So to cut your energy cost, it is imperative to adopt energy- efficient products, few small repairs in the home and bit adjustment can save your hard earned money.

To cut an energy cost it is mandatory to perform a home energy audit. Hire someone who can do it professionally, even you can do it yourself. In this way, you will come to know where you need to adjust yourself. Installation of green switches in the home can save you money. A green switch is the device that controls the power of electrical devices. Use energy efficient bulbs in the kitchen, bathrooms and dining rooms to cut the energy cost.

10. Experts Guidance

Expert Guidance

To enhance the value of the home, it is imperative to take expert’s guidance. However, following experts tips will prove helpful to improve the value of the home.

  • If you want to ensure good health of your home, then paint the walls of the house. Make sure that colour of the paint is neutral and appealing thereby it can fascinate a number of people.
  • Improve air quality inside your room. There are too many reasons behind poor air quality inside the room. Older carpet in the home causes a foul odour. So it is advisable to replace the old carpets and choose environment-friendly products like tile or laminate floor inside the room.
  • Small bathroom update is smart move to maintain the value of the property. No need to remodel it, rather make a small change like replacing the wallpaper, lights etc.

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