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Blog >> How To Maintain Your Rental Property – The Most Useful Tips!
How To Maintain Your Rental Property – The Most Useful Tips! How To Maintain Your Rental Property – The Most Useful Tips!

Property maintenance in a proper manner is almost every homeowner’s concern when they have rental properties occupied by tenants. Undoubtedly, it is a privilege and an investment which can result in a huge gain but side by side, you also require proper maintenance of your rented properties.

You will inevitably have to shell out some bucks for the maintenance if that includes repair and replacement of certain parts of your rental property. It is not really necessary to take the entire burden upon your own shoulder. You can simply trust the property maintenance agents with the chores which need to get done. Sometimes small problems which are left unnoticed can bring bigger troubles along. Hence, you need to be on alert and keep inspecting to find out the small problems and solve them from the root.

If you have no tenants at this moment, then it is the best time to do the inspection and get the repair done. This will also increase the value of your property when you will rent it out to the new tenants.

Therefore, to keep your rental property in absolute great health, follow these 10 maintenance tips.

Keeping The Exterior Shiny and Smooth

First and foremost, check the exteriors of your rental property and scrutinize if there is any trouble lurking on the roof, gutter, windows or the base.

1. Check The Roof First:

There is no reason to wait until the tenants complain about leakage. Address the issue before it takes a bigger form. Inspect the roof minutely and check if there are any missing tiles, a heap of debris or the growth of moss. These issues simply invite bigger damage by absorbing moisture and remember that any such damage might be very costly. Ask your property maintenance agents whether you have properly functioning vents on your roof and complete protection from extreme heat and dampness.

Cut the tree branches which extend to your roof as it might invite squirrels and other harmful pests on your roof and inside the house.


2. Clean Up The Gutters:

Checking the gutters is also an important task to maintain your rental property. Clean the gutter if there are leaves and debris accumulated inside it. Otherwise, rainwater will overflow from the gutter and penetrate the roof and the walls which can be dangerous for the property. Also, check that the downpipes are carrying rainwater away from the house so that the foundation isn’t damaged. You can also use extenders to the pipes so that these take the rainwater away from the base.

Gutter Maintenance


3. Repair The Windows And Doors If Required:

Windows and doors are an important part of the house and you simply can’t ignore them. Make sure that all of the windows are properly sealed, or else it might allow the dust, moisture, pests and grimes to enter the house. If the windows and doors aren’t sealed, use a weather-proof sealant to protect your house from heat-loss which may result in higher energy bills. Check if your windows need any handyman services.

Repair the windows and doors


4. Wooden Sidings:

Don’t leave any wooden part of your house without paint. It might draw in more moisture causing serious damages to the exterior walls. If you see paints coming off the wooden sidings, you must seek the attention of the property maintenance agents who will re-paint it for complete protection from the heat and moisture.

Paint the wooden sidings


5. Foundation:

The ground slope should be away from your foundation rather than towards it. Fill up all the holes around the foundation and keep the dirt away from it. You might also opt for a dirt backfill that will keep the rainwater and the dirt away from the foundation.

Foundation maintenance


6. Landscape Inspection:

Check whether there is any tree growing in the ground which might cause a hazard to the foundation of your rental property. Inspect if there is any broken branch of the tree, fungus or visible roots on the ground which can greatly damage the foundation.

Landscape Inspection


The Interiors:

Just like the exterior, the interior of the house should also be managed and maintained properly. Otherwise, tenants who will be attracted to your exterior might strike off your property from their list if they take an inside tour. Therefore, you must make sure that you are taking proper care of your property from inside and outside.

1) Make Sure The Smoke Detectors Work Properly:

The priorities of the modern tenants are evolving day by day and nowadays, security and safety have become the prime concern of people who are seeking rental houses. Hence, if you have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors already installed in your rental house, then check whether those are working fine or not, before renting it out. In many states, there is a law which makes it mandatory for every house to have carbon monoxide detectors to ensure the safety of the residents. Every once in a while, check the smoke detectors and see if they need new batteries or are functioning properly.

Smoke detector maintenance


2) HVAC Checking Should Be Done When There Is No Tenant In Your House:

The heating and cooling system must be checked before you rent out your property. To maintain the good condition of the heating and cooling system, you need to clear and inspect it every once in a year. If your property is rented, then it is the responsibility of the tenants to take care of the heating and cooling system of your house. For air conditioners, the filter should be changed every month to make sure your cooling gadget is properly functioning. If there are trees growing in the external air conditioning unit, then clean them up because it can hinder the air flow.

HVAC maintenance


3) Water Heater:

The water heater must also be inspected thoroughly like the other electronic appliances which fall under the owner’s responsibility. The tank must be cleaned with water periodically to drain all the sediments that get accumulated. Before you start the cleaning process, you must turn the gas or the electric unit off and then empty the tank and refill it with fresh water. You can also follow the guidelines on the water heater manual for cleaning it in the right way.

Water heater maintenance


4) Crawl Space Checking Is Important:

If you have crawl space, then it is truly important to check this every once in a while because any problem related to this space can be hazardous for the entire house. The area that contains all the wiring and plumbing will need your attention if you find stagnant water inside it. House filled with a stale smell, a higher electric bill than usual and standing water in the crawlspace – all of these indicate danger. You should not enter the crawlspace if there is water logged inside. Seek attention of the professional plumbers for the required handyman services. Only a professional can drain the water from that space and detect what the problem is. Sometimes illegal wiring can also cause such accumulation of water in the crawlspace. Your plumbers will check everything to fix your issue.

Crawl space maintenance


5) Fireplace and Chimneys:

Those who have a fireplace installed in their house need to inspect the chimneys at least once in a year. The wood burning fireplaces cause the build-up of creosote which can lead to a chimney fire in no time. Therefore, you should make sure that the chimneys are clean and no hazardous amount of creosote is there.

Fireplace and chimney maintenance


6) The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter:

Every house must have ground fault circuit interrupter which can detect when the current is flowing in the wrong way. It reduces the chances of electric shock which can even lead to death. Sometimes current may start flowing through water or a person, but a GFCI takes this in control by shutting off the entire electric system. To maintain your rental property, you need to make sure that your GFCI is in perfect condition and functioning properly. You should test it every once in a month and trip it if needed. The failure to do this will certainly damage the GFCI to a great extent. You should instruct your tenants to check the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter at least once in a month.



Contact your property maintenance agents to get the best possible help for repairing your house and replacing old and non-functioning appliances.

Strengthen Your Bond With Your Tenants:

Maintaining your rental property will not only increase the value of your property, but it will also strengthen your relationship with your tenants. Addressing the issues as early as possible will prevent further damage which might be even costlier. The frequency of your maintenance services also depends on how old the house is and how it has been taken care of so far.

Understand The Legal Obligations:

The rental property laws vary depending on in which state it is located. When you are going to rent out your property, you must be well-informed about the state laws regarding rental properties and what are your legal responsibilities towards your tenants. It is mandatory to regularly communicate with your tenants and know what they require. Hire property maintenance agents to take care of the requirements of your tenants. You might also consult an advocate if you are not aware of the laws that affect your property.

Taking care of the needs of your tenants and quickly responding to their requests will keep your tenants happy. You should also schedule maintenance program when your tenants move out of the house.

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