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Blog >> Bills included or excluded, the dinosaur issue of renting!
Bills included or excluded, the dinosaur issue of renting! Bills included or excluded, the dinosaur issue of renting!

One of the toughest questions we can face when we choose to rent a property is if we would like to choose a property in which all bills are included or excluded? Let us take a look on the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Why we should go all bills excluded?

We can have control over our provider of whatever it may be. For instance of there is a fault in the gas and electric, you know you could do something more direct to get rid of the issue like get in touch with your supplier. Perhaps something that is slightly less possible if it were included.
Broadband is also a massive part of our bills, not necessarily because of the cost, but usually because of the variation in providers. Some broadband are simply faster, better and more reliable than others, and if you have all bills excluded you can have that control over which is your Internet Service Provider.

Save money with excluded?

You are more likely to be saving money if you choose to pay bills on your own. If you are away for a holiday, your bills would be slashed as a result which is often a luxury that not everyone can say they have when they are all bills included and have to continue paying the excess. In addition, all bills included tends to be an extra sum of money each week that would normally easily cover your bill cost. So for financial purposes it might be best to go all bills exclude from the rent you pay.

Why to go on all bills included?

Persuading someone to go all bills included can be tricky especially when you are told you will save money on all bills excluded. However A2Z Properties honestly believes that if you can afford it, then go for it on the simple basis that it reduces so much hassle. Having one bill (the rent) for the house compared to multiple bills can save you so much time, hassle and grief. It gives you the comfort of everything being set and your only focus is the rent and an actually be easier to pay as it requires less time and thought.

Also bills tend to fluctuate on a monthly basis and let’s face it they are seasonal. So when paying rent with all bills included, you can be more assured as to what you need to save up.
In addition, you will never feel as guilty of accidentally leaving the heater on as it is not coming out of your wallet or purse necessarily. It can feel like free water and gas and electric etc. Although we would recommend putting on a jumper to save energy for our Earth, it is still a choice and financially has no real implication on your standard of living.

What does A2Z Properties think?

We believe both options are a good one and it really does depend on your financial situation and also how much time you will be spending in the house. If you’re someone who spends more than half the week out of the house then we would recommend all bills excluded as you could save a lot eve if there is as light hassle. Although if you have the money and understand the house will be occupied much of the time then it might just be worth the extra few pounds a week to have all bills included. Ideally though you would want to strike a deal with your landlord or estate agent to ensure you can pay for your own broadband, as who can live without fast internet nowadays. Without it you probably would not even be able to access this page.

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