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Blog >> Consequences of leaving a property empty for a long period of time
Consequences of leaving a property empty for a long period of time Consequences of leaving a property empty for a long period of time

 1) If it is possible, you should tell a friend to check on the property, to make sure there are no issues there. You should create the impression that the property is occupied so that criminals do not think about robbing your house. You can do so by leaving the lights on. It is easier if you have timers on the lights so that you save on the electricity bill.

tell a friend

2) Your friend should collect your mail, trash junk mail, giving the impression that someone is living there. If you do not have a friend to do so, you can contact a property maintenance agent to do it for you. You can also tell the professional to clean the house regularly, so that the house can be lived in later or if you decide to give it for rent. Cleaning the house regularly will get rid of nuisances such as rats. You should deep clean your house before leaving the house. Do not leave any fallen food items on the floor, because this will attract rodents. 

Property Maintenance Agents

 3) You should think about security if you are planning to leave the house for a long time. Do not leave any valuables such as gold or silver in the house, because these may get stolen easily. Make sure the locks are working on all the doors and windows, in order to deter criminals. Make sure that any ladders and garbage bins are not accessible to criminals so that they cannot get into the security

4) You should think about turning on the radio on a timer so that it gives the impression that you are in the house.
5) You should turn off the water supply so that the house does not get damp for any reason. Keep the heater at 13 degrees celsius to avoid frozen pipes. Make sure all the pipes are insulated properly before leaving. Often, pipes can burst and flood the apartment. To avoid this scenario, you should tell your friend or property maintenance agent to regularly check that nothing is wrong in your house.

Turn Off Water Supply

6) As the owner of the house, you should take care that water leaks do not damage the house. You should make sure the house does not get damp because of rain water or a broken pipe. Make sure the boiler of the
heater is working properly before you leave. The property maintenance professional should also clean the rain gutters.

7) You can block the chimney in order to avoid dampness in the winter. Make sure all the internal doors of your house are open to keeping the ventilation going.

Block the chimney

8) If you are going out for a long period of time, your insurance policy will not cover the entire period of time. Generally, normal insurance will cover you if you are going out of the house for 60 days or less. If you are going out for a longer period of time, you will need to get unoccupied property insurance.

9) Remember to tell your neighbours that you are going out of the house, so that they can keep an eye on the house. Tell your neighbours to contact you if they notice any suspicious activity.

10) Make sure the property maintenance agent have your phone number and email address so they can contact you if necessary.

Property Insurace

11) Clear out all the garbage in your house before you leave. Tell your friend to leave the curtains open on some days and closed on other days. This will give the impression that someone is living in the house. Your friend should also make sure that the lawn remains cut. You can ask your friend to mow your lawn for you. If you have a garden, then you should make sure there are no weeds or overgrown plants in the garden. Tell the property maintenance agent to keep the garden clean, because it gives the effect that the house is still occupied, and that deters thieves.

Property Agent

12) You will need to cancel the newspaper subscription service so that there is no buildup of newspapers while you are out. You will also need to tell the milk delivery boy that you are out of the house so that he stops delivering milk to your house. You should cancel your cable service because you will not be watching television in the house now. You should also cancel your Internet service so that others cannot piggyback on your wireless Internet.

13) You can buy a new security system that contacts you immediately by mobile phone of any intrusions that take place. You should buy new strong locks for your front door and any other external doors.

14) You should unplug small electrical appliances such as microwave ovens and clock radios to avoid the risk of fire.

unplug small electrical appliances

15) Empty and unplug the fridge. Moreover, leave the fridge doors open. Also, leave the cupboard doors open for ventilation.

If you want to rent your house while you are away, you can visit our website to find people who want to rent your house. You can find tenants who can live in your house while you are away. Now that you have received tips on what to do if you are leaving the house for a long time, you can go ahead and enjoy your vacation.

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