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NEWS >> Why Britain's housing crisis should be tackled?
Why Britain's housing crisis should be tackled?

The crisis in housing is all about people, they struggle to get an appropriate accommodation. The young and those who just settled in Britain would like to own a house, but still renting a flat. Even the problems are faced by the children either, due to regular relocation and they are forced to change their study place. It is an extremely depressing move from the side of people, but what can they do, the circumstances make them do this.

We have seen an increase in the house prices to 151% since 1998. Also, it has been reported by ResPublica thinktank, about 1.2 million people are on the pending list to own a house in Britain. Meanwhile, more than 6 million faces lots of problem in buying their own house in terms of tenure and lease. However, the earnings are never increased as much for the same. And, the Housing commission is still fighting against the failure of country needs where most people concerns are for housing. One such situation is the rent that costs seven times of the income for one-bed flats.  Whereas, it would take a lifetime, if one consider saving in this type of situation.  

Withhold to build our dream house is more as it tells us we don’t have billions to pay either for the land or for the workers. Yet the Conservative party set plan to build 300,000 units a year out of 400,000, when they saw the GDP dip to about 200%. And, it relieves certain minds to some extent and the hope of buyers build quickly when housing supply was boosted for the initial buyers.

In British times, the pricing of houses remained same in 1950-60, and precisely it is also the plan now. The finance is cheaper now comparing to old times and the same thing is trying to implement by initiating returns of 1-2% per year to investors. By this many local authorities are looking more into house building sector and also the House of Commons Commission ordered about the planning needs that must cater building methods and housing type, standard space requirements etc. Now, if we buy a property, it will worth us £251,000, while for a home buyer the same price but in both cases, the bill duty charges will be different .i.e. less for the home buyer.

However, the house prices will again rise and local bodies are taking proactive steps to build more homes and keep the house ownership demand higher. And with more solutions like ‘New Market Towns’ has combined housing, employment, and human needs to deliver quality homes. They assured all to live a stable life in the coming future. They also have a plan to introduce a new agenda where shared ownership of the house is given to the middle-class buyers. Although more strategies are in mind to get implemented where the housing crisis could decrease or overcome. Like this, if few more other private authorities confront and initiate planning and financial powers, we will genuinely get good results for acquiring affordable homes in Britain. In a nutshell, examples like “New Market Towns” will end the crisis and create new homes.

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