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About Rent to Rent Services

Properties are one of the biggest purchases that most people will make in their lives, and the practice of owning a property has completely changed over the last few decades. A home used to be just that, a place where a family would live, a roof over their heads. Now a property has so much more meaning, it is now seen as an investment, a possible pension fund, and people have taken into purchasing properties for rentals which is a difficult market to crack, and can be rather stressful at the best of times. Paying a mortgage on a property that can take months to rent can cause serious financial problems, and leave you seriously out of pocket - but we have a solution to that.

We can offer landlords who are having difficulties renting out their properties a guaranteed income for five years. How I hear you ask?

What we are now offering is the chance for landlords to rent their properties out to us for a set amount every month, this figure, subject to terms and conditions, will be in place for five years. No more stress for the landlord, regular rental income can make the lives of landlords that much easier. We will then offer what is known as a rent 2 rent. This new and exciting venture that has only recently come about is becoming more and more popular, but it is still relatively new. That said, this is not the only option we have available, as our experienced and knowledgeable staff will be able to discuss other options through our free appraisals and advice, as we know that everyone’s situation is different.

We will meet with landlords who want to rent because their property may be jaded and needs bringing back to life, and more importantly, they require a guaranteed income. After we have negotiated a price with the landlord we will take the property and carry out a light refurbishment to bring it back to life. We then take the property and advertise each bedroom in the property as an individual rental. The money that is collected from the rental of these properties goes towards paying the landlord, and once the property becomes a house in multiple occupations, the cost of utilities will be covered.

What we offer is a transparent agreement that works for both parties, ensuring that everything is put in place to make the agreement work. We will use reliable solicitors to draw up contracts to allow both parties to have a mutual agreement. The real hard work is done by us, from finding tenants, to advertising the property, to maintenance and organising utility bills. All the landlord has to do is sit back and watch the guaranteed rental payments roll in.

LANDLORDS! We Advertise Your Properties on all the Major Lettings Websites!

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